Fresh and frozen salmon and tuna sold directly from the boat all August.

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Family owned and Operated Two Fishers brings you the highest quality canned Albacore tuna and salmon using a unique catching and processing method. All of our albacore are hook and troll caught with jigs (no nets or long lines!), and timed hung / vertical bled and then flash frozen right onboard the F/V Two Fishers to preserve ultimate freshness.

Photo of crewman with fishEach fish is hand-filleted, producing only the choicest white meat, hand-packed, and cooked once in its own juices to provide an all-natural, premium, gourmet canned albacore. Two Fishers products are unique in the canned tuna industry because they are produced by a single family owned and operated boat!.

Photo of crewman looking at fish in hold   Pulling line   Loading fish  

We're confident and unconditionally guarantee that Two Fishers Gourmet Pacific Albacore will be the best canned tuna you'll ever taste.

Tuna and salmon are caught and canned in their own juices late in the fall for ultimate fat and omega 3 content. No water added.

Our hook and line caught seafood plus unique processing procedure defines gourmet!

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